You are not able to protect your products (Software/utility), you can't to limit them in time..

May be you will find what it is necessary here : API Sorialoz ,a generator serial number for activation of your product.

In more what it was to think , Every serial number is distinct for each retailer.


Tools for developper want reseller their product , it act a serial number generator with possible data personalization (16 bytes) and limit in the time.

Every serial number is distinct for each developper  having bought this product (Sorialoz) here .

Possbility varying serial number with same personalization data.

Advantage :

Serial number algorithm generator advanced.
Serial number incompatible every each developper client having bought this product.
Limit in the time of your product possible
ID software possible (out data)
Storage serial number for activation of your products.
Login function for lock of your NET application but require Confuser.
Personalization function of your software with data (16bytes)

Disadvantage :

Not conveniance for cracking a software/utility
Not free
Source Code not avaialble
Commercial license provided only
Limit function according license acquired
Data limited fix 16 bytes

Evaluation version limitation :

Work only if your application is attached to a debugger
A one instance
Public having download the evaluation version of this product can activate your products if the serial number generated with evaluation license
Red popup showed
Popup demo is showeder

Downloading :

Version Mirror
v1.0 Here

Changelog :


Adding technology Sorialoz