API for developper wanted to build in their application : Generating Random Maze

How are they ?

Recursivity , the function rand which bug the building maze.

How to memory the direction walk from maze ?

Discouraging! yes !

If  the developper want to integrate a obstacles (zone without walk)  !

Generate a maze is  difficult and requiert algorith's concept / pointer.

Try this API which make this work difficult (Generating Random Maze) with avoiding-zone. It integrate a generating a compact maze (Picture bellow) :



Advantage :

Rapidity for map above resolution 512x512
Fonction zone obstacle
Building function maze (normal,compacted)
Getting time generation
Sample provided
Support X86 , AMD64
Any bug founded !

Disadvantage :

A digital-license is required and getted only Sivaller's Authority (demo - license provided at l'installation)
Building a 3d maze not builted
API no free and pricing and under Sivaller's property
License selling for life one until 4 years , renewable.
Source-code unavailable.
Solving not builded (API SoluMaze is required)
Map multi-layer unsupportedé

Function builed  :

Building maze (Compact,Normal)
Building with avoiding zone

Unregistered Version de démonstration , limitation :

Limit Map 128x128
Web page Sivaller showed at each initialization application.
Red Popup showing demo-version
One instance.

Downloading :

Version Mirror
v0.1 here (Service + Sample)
v0.2 here (Service + Sample)
v0.3 here (Service + Sample)
v0.4 here (Service + Sample)



Added Raccordable/bend maze (vector and cellule) 2d


Compatibility for future microsoft.net application using these API


Adding function for vectorise maze-normal